2024 big blue move volunteer signup

1. What are the dates and times that I or my student organization can volunteer to assist with move-in?

    a. Monday, August 15th    8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
    b. Tuesday, August 16th    8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
    c. Wednesday, August 17th    8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

2. Where are the move-in locations?

    a. Holmes Hall – Avenue of Champions
    b. Boyd Hall – Martin Luther King Blvd.
    c. Blazer and Jewell halls – Lexington Avenue
    d. Haggin Hall – Huguelet Drive
    e. Donovan and Johnson Halls – University Drive
    f. Ball and Chellgren Halls – Woodland Avenue
    g. Woodland Glen III – Sports Center Drive
    h. Woodland Glen IV – Sports Center Drive
    i. Baldwin, Ingels, Smith, and Woodland Glen V– Pedestrian Walkway between the buildings
    j. Lewis Hall and University Flats – “Avenue of Trees” between the buildings

3. Where should I park?

    a. You may park in the area designated for your permit if you have a valid employee or student parking permit,
        or you may park in a Paid Visitor lot.
    b. Parking is also available to volunteers at no cost in the Blue lot at the stadium. Move-in shuttles will run continuously
        throughout the day with the last shuttle leaving the residence halls around 6pm.
    c. If possible, it’s best to park outside of the move-in routes as roads around residence halls will be very congested.

4. What should I wear?

    a. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!
    b. Due to the heat, walking shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. If you are with a student organization you are
        welcome to wear your organization’s shirt.

5. Will food be available?

    a. Volunteers who complete a shift of 4 hours or more will receive a meal voucher from UK Dining for Champions Kitchen or
        Fresh Food Company.
    b. Bottled water will be provided by UK Dining. Please be sure to stay hydrated; drink water before you need it!
    c. Some on-campus restaurants will be open. Visit the UK Dining website for more information.

6. Where will I check in?

    a. Check in at the Info/Cart tent located near your unloading area (see #2 above).

7. Do I carry students’ belongings to their rooms?

    a. No; we respectfully ask that you not do this as we must ensure each vehicle is unloaded as quickly as possible.
    b. If we carry items to the room then next person in line will not be served and this could cause a back-up on our streets.
    c. You may be asked by move-in staff to carry items to the room for someone who is by themselves or is not able to carry their

8. What type of volunteer positions are available?

    a. Unloaders – unload student belongings from vehicles onto tables
        i. UK staff and faculty who assist with unloading students’ belonging onto tables on assigned street;
           only 1 table per student
        ii. Registered UK student organizations who volunteer to help unload belongings onto tables on assigned street;
            only 1 table per student
    b. Traffic Coordinator – explains move-in procedure in assigned location
        i. Responsible for welcoming and explaining the move-in process to parents and students as they arrive
        ii. Ensure drivers move vehicles to proper parking location as soon as the vehicle is unloaded
        iii. Brings to the attention of the Unloading Coordinator any issues or problems they feel need to be address
    c. Cart Station- assist with cart check out/in
        i. Responsibilities may include:
           1) Directing the flow of carts being checked out and returned;
           2) Assisting with distributing and collecting carts.
        ii. Cart handlers may require a fair amount of physical labor and standing for long periods.
        iii. Specific instructions will be provided prior to move-in.

If you have any questions regarding volunteer signup please email: ukmovein@uky.edu